The service provides a Swiss national service for active research data management, based on the openBIS platform.

openBIS is a powerful solution for research data management during a research project (active research data management). openBIS includes an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) as well as a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). openBIS is developed by Scientific IT Services at ETH Zürich and is currently used by a number of research groups and collaborations. The service aims to establish a Swiss national service for active research data management based on the openBIS platform. The service is offered as a cloud-hosted version on the SWITCHengines infrastructure. In addition, training activities are offered so that researchers can successfully adopt the new service in their laboratories.

The  service offer is aimed at research groups working in quantitative science domains at all Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. was supported with start-up funding from the P5 program of Swissuniversities (2018 – 2020).

Provider ETHZ

Contract status:  SWITCH has a generic service provider contractual agreement with ETHZ. Individual contracts are necessary.

Data protection: GDPR compliant. Place of jurisdiction is Switzerland.

VMs from SWITCHengines (deployed by the Service Provider)
Specifications: 2CPUs, 8GB RAM, Storage as required